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Our mission is to continue our founder, Gayelord Hauser, an author, lecturer, and pioneer of the healthy, more natural foods movement. His philosophy was to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising the “tasty” things in life.

Our mission is to create and offer to conscious health consumers natural alternatives to accent and enhance the flavors and tastes of their food choices. While reaching out to all consumers, letting them know of our offerings, and hopefully enticing them to try a healthy lifestyle regime with simple, easy first steps. We will offer these products while acknowledging the need for sustainability of our precious environment and procuring ingredients and packaging materials that are in line with this need.




The favorite seasoning of chefs and celebrities worldwide, originally created by world renowned gourmet nutritionist Gayelord Hauser, is now a whole line of Magic seasoning sensation!

MODERN PRODUCTS, Inc. was founded in 1925 by acclaimed nutritionist Gayelord Hauser to share his philosophy that gourmet taste and good nutrition go hand-in-hand. The Gayelord Hauser line of seasoning blends adds a variety of delicious tastes without adding fat or calories. And all of Modern Products’ products are made from the earth’s purest, most natural ingredients, without additive, preservatives or fillers. Modern Products bought FEARN NATURAL FOODS in 1985.

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Food is an art. I'm passionate about baking - the tradition of it, making it, and sharing it.

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First Modern Products' Seasoning

When international celebrity nutritionist and author Gayelord Hauser started seeing people for nutritional consultations in his clinic on the north side of downtown Chicago, one of the prevalent conclusions he came to was people lacked iodine. They weren’t getting enough like the people that lived near the fresh ocean air on the coasts or in their daily diets. He decided the easiest way to get some iodine in their diet would be to give them something to use instead of the table salt they would normally sprinkle on their foods. He started mixing kelp, a seaweed that is a natural source of iodine, with some salt and added vegetable powders(for flavor). He put that in small packages and sent people on their way with these to use. This mixture became known as Vege-Sal, the first seasoning Modern Products offered over 90+ years ago!

Pioneer in Healthy Ingredients

Mass production of the food supply was ramping up and with it, artificial ingredients, chemicals and lots of salt were being added to enhance flavors and extend the life of products, to allow longer storage and better economics for mass production. Consumers reacted favorably to these tastier, flavorful products and Gayelord Hauser knew that in order to keep people from indulging too much with all these unhealthy temptations, his recommended natural way of eating also needed a flavor boost! 



Spike Original All-Purpose Seasoning was brought to market

In 1955 Spike Original All-Purpose Seasoning was brought to market…a delicious blend of 39 herbs, spices and vegetables with just the right amount of salt and no artificial or chemical ingredients! This product, whether one cooked with it or sprinkled it over their food, was the perfect addition to soups, salads, vegetables, chicken, fish, meat to satisfy the new enhanced tastebuds of the consumers and keep many of them on his recommended “eat healthier” regime! It was also a healthy alternative to using regular table salt…same amount of Spike Original All-Purpose Seasoning versus table salt offered an almost 40% reduction in sodium!  


Due to all the salt the population was consuming, the government became concerned with peoples’ health and Modern Products decided to answer the call by coming out with New Vegit, a nutritional brewers’ yeast-based seasoning with added herbs, spices, and vegetables. This product was very low in sodium and so low, as a matter of fact, that for years, clinics used it for patients’ low sodium diets.



New Products

Brought to market more flavors! Delicious Lemon Pepper seasoning, Santay Galic Magic, a garlic seasoning, Onion Magic, an onion seasoning, Herbal Bouquet, a delightful blend of 5 herbs and INDO Tenderizer, the Vege-Sal formula with added the natural papain enzyme to act as a tenderizing agent

Spike Salt Free and Spike Hot 'n Spicy

The 1990s and 2000s Modern Products decided to add Spike Salt Free, a salt free version of the very popular Spike Original and then in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when tastes were really “hotting up”, a hot and spicy version of Spike Original was added to the product offerings, Spike Hot ‘n Spicy!



Spike was extended over the entire 10 seasonings

2006 was the year the Spike name was extended over the entire 10 seasonings line and the products became Spike Original, Spike Salt Free, Spike Hot ‘n Spicy, Spike Vegit, Spike Vege-Sal, Spike Garlic Magic, Spike Lemon Pepper, Spike Tenderizer, Spike Onion Magic and Spike 5 Herb and are what we are proud to continue offering today. 


Our Spike Seasoning blends continue to be a healthy alternative that adds great flavor to all foods and contain no artificial or chemical ingredients…5 with salt, 5 no salt added…Spike it Your way!

To your Health and well being…Spike it Up!